Cancellation of Nationals 2020


I want to thank you for your patience with me while I looked into every possible scenario when it comes to the National Meeting and how it affects our members of the AGMC.

Based on input from the chapters and individual discussions with some Chapter Presidents and members of the NBOD, I have decided the following:

1. Nationals 2020 in Kentucky will be cancelled due to issues stemming from COVID-19.

2. We will hold our 15yr anniversary and National Meeting in June 2022 in Missouri.

· The Missouri area was picked for its location based on those Regions who signed up during the Nationals 2020 registration time period.

· The Missouri Chapter has agreed to take on the job of Co-hosting the event with the NBOD.

· I look forward to working with them as well as the rest of the NBOD when it comes to this celebration.

3. All registered members and guests will receive their Nationals 2020 SWAG through the mail, items will be sent to each Chapter President and that Chapter President will distribute the items to each registered member and their guest.

· Paid Members – The $20 paid for lunch and other beverage/food items will not be refunded, it will be applied to your 2021 dues.

· Paid Guests – The $20 paid for lunch and other beverage/food items will be refunded to the sponsoring AGMC member through PayPal.

4. The 4 event requirement for 2020 has been waived for all members of the AGMC.

· The 4 event requirement will be reinstated starting January 2021.

5. Meetings are still required via teleconferencing, Web Video formats or in person.

· Meeting minutes are still required to be posted, if a meeting was not held then that month’s minutes need to state the reason why.

6. State and regional gatherings can be scheduled and held for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021, I again ask that no state or regional gatherings are scheduled for 2022 so members can plan on going to Nationals and the club 15 year anniversary in 2022.

Many thoughts raced through my mind when making the final decision on Nationals 2020. It pains me to do this but I feel that cancelling Nationals lets everyone be able to focus on their family and jobs which is more important right now because without our family support or our jobs, we would not have the AGMC. We will have a lot to celebrate in 2022, seeing old friends and meeting new ones while celebrating 15 years of the AGMC will be a great time for all and now we all have plenty of time to plan. I believe that cancelling Nationals 2020 is the best for all of us.

If you made reservations at the Embassy Suites under Americas Guardians, they have automatically cancelled that block of rooms. If you didn’t book that way or made reservations with any surrounding hotel, you will need to cancel those individually. This also goes for any hotel accommodations to and from Kentucky.

Thank you for your understanding, I know that we all planned on getting together, as always, please let other chapters know of your scheduled rides and events so they can plan accordingly and hopefully participate.



Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club

National President

Order of the One Seven

The AGMC is a Law Enforcement/Public Safety Motorcycle Club.

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