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Law Enforcement/Public Safety  

and Military Veterans

Motorcycle Club

Established 2007

to About

We are a motorcycle club for Law Enforcement, Public Safety personnel and our Military Veterans. At some time in our lives, we get tired of being told that you don't ride the right brand of motorcycle, you have to be this way, or you better attend some function. We came to the realization that most of us have been in a club, an organization or something similar at some point in our lives. We all did this just to be able to ride, share stories or even show off our bikes. We wanted more than that out of life. We decided to do something different. We decided to do something that encompasses all that we believe in. So begins our story behind the Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club.



 We wanted to bring the finest America has to offer together in friendship and service. There is a natural bond among us that serve our country in one way or another and the Americas Guardians MC is a way to bring us all closer. Our members are honest, hard working, good people and that is the type of people we want to ride with. We are Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Corrections Officers, Doctors, Nurses, EMT, Military Veterans and those who we designate as "Good Citizens". If that is the type of people that you want to meet and hang out with than join us and get on the road to freedom from all the hassle. Both men and women are welcome in our organization. We do not discriminate against race, color, religion, sex or national origin .


EMS Badge
PS MC Badge
Military Veterans Picture
FIRE badge
Corrections Picture

We don't care what brand bike you ride, just bring a positive attitude and have fun. We are approachable, don't be shy.

If this sounds good to you than consider yourself invited. We are simply put; a non-territorial, 100% law-abiding and really fun group to be with.We respect all clubs and organizations that give the same in return.


We currently have chapters being established across the United States.

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