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Americas Guardians

Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Motorcycle Club 

was adopted for the following reasons.



We are a Law Enforcement/Public Safety Motorcycle Club comprising of Police Officers (Federal, State and Local), Firefighters, Medical Personnel

and Military Veterans.


We were searching for a fundamental symbol that represented this great country. From the very beginning of mans existence, there were those among us that answered the call within ourselves to place ourselves between danger and those we loved and cared for.


It goes without saying that those who we protect today; May very well be the same ones protecting us tomorrow or at some point later on in life. We all rely on each other at some point in our life. Each of us in the truest sense of the word has been entrusted as Americas Guardians to protect each other and our way of life for future generations to come.


We come from all walks of life. We are the men and women you hope you never have to call, or as you drive up to your home we are in your front yard. Most if not all the time, it is not a pleasant situation and one most people would rather not have to deal with.


But when the call does go out, we are the same people who will risk our own safety to make sure the public is protected. Some of us have traveled to foreign lands where we served our country. We did so with dignity and pride when called upon by our commander in chief. Some of us; you will never see us during our work hours, because where we work law abiding citizens have no reason to be there. Oh you will see the high fences with razor wire stretched along the top, watch towers silhouetting the skyline.


You may even ask yourself, why would anyone want to do that job? For each of us, the reason is often very personal. It may have been because my father or mother performed the same task or even grandparents who traveled the same path so many years ago. More than likely it has to do with pride, duty, honor and service to country before self. It is something that was breed into us as children. For some of us it can never be defined other than something deep inside us that calls us from afar. Wherever there is a need to protect mankind, you will find us. We will be standing strong, ready to serve when called upon.

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