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Back to Basics - Refresher for AGMC Members, Prospects and those who hang around the AGMC

1. Greet AGMC members first, (officers first than members) don’t make them come to you.

2. Prospects, Hang around and Interested Parties - watch your questions or conversations with AGMC members; this is your audition, not theirs. They will warm up to you and you’ll have great conversations in the future.

3. At events, everyone is there for the same reason so stay in your group and don’t wonder off by yourself.

4. Remember that people that you talk to could be a family member, support member or hang around of another MC. Patch holders do not always wear their colors. Stories get lost in translation and what you said could get back to another MC and blown out of proportion. So…. Don’t tell stories to make yourself look better.

5. Do not have discussions about other MC’s outside the privacy of the AGMC and not until you are a patched member. Better yet, don’t have discussions about other MC’s period.

6. If for some reason you have to say something while in public about a Motorcycle Club, DON’T. If you do and shit hits the fan, as a hang around and interested parties you are on your own. We will deal with the patched members and prospect in our own time.

7. If you want to talk to an AGMC member in a public setting, take the person you're talking to aside, alone, and say ONLY what you need to say to get your meaning across. Say as little as possible so anyone else can't overhear it and misunderstand what you're talking about.

8. Prospects, Hang around and Interested Parties, if you know a patch holder from another Club, do not throw the Patch holders' name/nickname/Club's road name around like you are a great buddy of theirs, even if you are. MC’s consider that as a major disrespect to the whole Club and won’t be tolerated.

9. If you already know a patch holder, or get to know one in the future, don't just walk up to them and interrupt when they are with other members. In an open setting, wait till he/she acknowledges you first.

10. Don’t joke or poke fun at or around other Clubs. They do not think it’s funny and neither do we.

11. If you are not acknowledged by another MC or one of their Patch holders, so what, if they want to talk to you, they will. If they offer you their hand to shake, don’t ignore it.

12. Follow the Chapter officers’ guidance and be aware of the local motorcycle Club hangouts.

13. Don't ever touch any part of a Club member's colors, which includes the vest or jacket it's sewn on. That is considered very disrespectful and could cause them to aggressively educate the un-informed.

14. You must gain approval from the President of your Club to enter any other MC Clubhouse. Honestly, if you want to go to another MC Clubs clubhouse, just walk away from the AGMC because we don’t want you.

15. Prospects, Hang around and Interested Parties, most Clubs realize that the AGMC is a LE oriented Club and for the most part when approached, most patch holders will want to deal with the local officers a patched member and not talk to you at all since you don’t represent the AGMC.

16. Prospects, Hang around and Interested Parties, we will travel to events in the group. If you are late from “clutches out” do not expect to catch up with the Club since we will not wait for you. You will have to wait for an invitation for the next event, if you get one.

17. Never, Ever, Lie or Boast. If you are asked a question by an AGMC member, answer it, if you lie then you might as well start walking.

18. In regards to women who are with a MC, but not in the Club: Old Lady is not a negative or derogatory term; it's just a slang term commonly used. "Property Of" patches are their way of showing support for their man and the Club he's in. If you call a MC member’s wife or girlfriend an Old Lady, be prepared to get your ass kicked. My suggestion would be don’t use that term period. Always be respectful.

19. A MC patch holder may not, and many times will not, acknowledge a wife or girlfriend or even a female member of the club or to this point a hang around, especially upon a first meeting. Don’t take it to heart, that’s the way it is. We of course acknowledge all our members.

20. DO NOT touch or sit on a Patch holder’s bike unless invited to do so. Do not expect the invitation.

21. Treat Prospects from other MCs as if they were already patched in. The other Club has the only rights on treating their Prospects in a different manner. We tend to treat our prospects with respect but some Clubs do not. That is their choice.

22. A prospect can usually be identified by the back patch they are wearing. There are many different ways motorcycle Clubs identify prospects. They can have the rockers without the main patch. They can actually have a patch saying "PROSPECT". Some do not wear any patch, because all the Patch holders know who the prospects are. During large motorcycle events while hanging with the AGMC, enjoy yourself and again, be respectful to everyone there.

23. Prospects, Hang around and Interested Parties, have absolutely no doubt that a MC is serious and many have been known to physically educate a person who shows disrespect or displays a bad attitude.

24. The term Brother or Bro has special meaning to a Patch holder; do not call a Patch holder Brother or Bro (even if it’s your actual brother). They’re Brothers are fellow Patch holders that have earned that term. Once you are a patched member, you can call someone your Bro but usually you wait until that seasoned patched holder calls you Bro first. If they do at all.

25. "SHOW ALL Patch Holders RESPECT" and if you give respect, you will get respect. If you act like an asshole, you will be treated like an asshole.

26. Your motorcycle will always be ready to ride and will have no mechanical issues prior to the beginning of the ride, if your motorcycle breaks down you will be responsible for securing it and any work needed so it will be ready for the next ride.

27. As a hang around or Prospect, you will receive nothing that an AGMC member will wear, you will not be mistaken for an AGMC member. You will have the opportunity to purchase an AGMC Support shirt only when the Chapter feels you are ready.

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