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July 4, 2020

Dear AGMC Members,

Today marks our great Nation’s Independence, and it also marks the 13th year

anniversary of the Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club.

Both of these things are held close to our hearts and we all need to celebrate. 

Right now some people in our great Nation are full of hatred. They think they can destruct & burn property along with destroying our National Monuments. They also think it is okay to disrespect & kill our men & women in Blue.  None of these things are acceptable and hopefully all of you feel the same way! We are a Law Enforcement/Public Safety Motorcycle Club and will ALWAYS support and guard America and those that have sworn the oath to defend her!

The 4th of July is going to be different this year. Many cities we live in have decided to cancel their annual parades, festivals, and even fireworks. We have been quarantined at home, can’t travel the way we are used to. We have to wear masks to work, masks while shopping for groceries, masks when we are out in public. Add to the mix with burning, looting and murder and the taking over of city blocks and the disregard for human life as we know it. I don’t know about any of you but I’m not feeling very free these days and some days I don’t know what to do about it except to try and have faith in my GOD, my family and my Club.

We all have taken an oath in our lives, whether it was for work, enlistment or when joining the AGMC. That oath never expires, it doesn’t stop when you retire or get old, it stays tucked away and ready to be unfurled whenever it’s needed. Maybe today is that day, I guess only time will tell. 

Remember your oath of commitment that you took so many years ago or remember the one that you live by in and out of the cut. We are Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club, able and willing to help those who cannot help themselves. Living the standards set by our chosen professions. We are Freedoms Warriors!

I’m proud of each and every one of you and the way you have represented yourselves and the Club during these trying times. We are brothers and sisters so PLEASE reach out to each other & make sure your brothers & sisters are doing ok with ALL the craziness in our Nation today.

Have a safe and Happy July 4th and Happy 13th Anniversary AGMC! Let’s look to 2021 because it has to get better!

And God Bless America!


National President

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